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banana ice cream: one ingredient!

I saw a recent post on The Kitchn (my year round favorite) for banana ice cream with only (wait for it) bananas!  Since storing an ice cream maker is beyond my comprehension at the moment and I love ridiculously simple yet genius recipes, this sounded like pure heaven to me.  And it is.  I followed instructions and the results were creamy and perfect.  Find the recipe (with better pictures) here.
you will need:
food processor

Cut up bananas into thick slices.  Freeze on a plate overnight.  When frozen solid, pulse in food processor and scrape down the sides regularly.  In the original recipe, they said it would stick often and it does.  Keep scraping and pulsing and within a few minutes, the stickiness will turn to cream.  Scoop out and enjoy! 
I can't wait to try this with chocolate, pecans, strawberries, caramel, Nutella-like spread (hazelnut allergy so I will use Trader Joe's chocolate almond spread instead) or maybe a few spices.   The possibilities are endless!

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