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hammer museum trip.

Recently, I went to the Hammer Museum on Thursday night (open late!) with my friend Vicki.  Since I missed the recent openings due to my own opening, it was a perfect excuse to catch up!  I particularly viewed the Alina Szapocznikow exhibit, Sculpture Undone (1955-1972) and Intimate Immensity: The Susan and Larry Marx Collection.  

The Szapocznikow exhibit is haunting and thought provoking, a treat to see so many works by an incredible artist.  Vicki and I agreed that her drawings were particularly special.  The Larry and Susan Marx Collection exhibition has a soft spot for me - I know the couple and have seen them make expert acquisitions over the years.  Both are a must see!  
Sculpture Undone - Through April 29th
Intimate Immensity - Through May 6

Free on Thursday nights (until 9 pm).  For more info, visit

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