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more edible flowers.

My obsession with edible flowers - squash blossoms has not ended.  Their season is short so I am taking full advantage of them while I can still buy them at the farmer's market.  Strangely enough, I have a farmer's market shadow: a woman has been following me around and asking me what I do with things as I put them into my bag.... 

I got a bag of blossoms and decided to do them two ways this week: one modern and one traditional Mexican (more on the latter later).  I love Pizzeria Mozza's squash blossom pizza but since I didn't have burrata, I swapped it out for goat cheese, added salty prosciutto and made it a little healthier (and easier) with Trader Joe's whole wheat pizza dough. 
squash blossom goat cheese pizza.
1 package whole wheat pizza dough, rested at room temp on a floured board for 20 minutes
8 squash blossoms
about 1/3 cup marinara sauce 
1/2 package goat cheese
4-5 slices prosciutto
fresh ground pepper
Note: this makes 2 medium sized pizzas - I made extra for lunch later in the week!  It keeps well, but I would suggest reheating in a toaster oven if possible.  Microwave made it chewy....
Preheat oven to 425 degrees and allow to heat up for at least 15 minutes (I did this when I took out the dough to rest).  Once dough is ready, on a well floured board, roll out dough to form a thin layer.  Top with marinara sauce and spread thin.  Top with blossoms, goat cheese, prosciutto and a couple cracks of pepper.  Bake for about 15 minutes on a lightly oiled baking sheet.  Cool on a wire rack for a couple minutes before cutting.  


  1. You're so gourmet :) I love it. This looks amazing. Every time I go to the store I want to buy squash blossoms, but then I can't think of how to use them. I'll definitely have to try this one out. It looks pretty easy too and that trader joe's dough is addicting!

  2. They are pretty easy and there are a lot of uses. I think this pizza and the quesadilla are my faves! Definitely try them out, Jac!

  3. Are squash blossoms still in season? I went to the farmer's market on Saturday and couldn't find any. I've been dying to try your pizza and quesadilla recipes.

  4. The last two times I have been at the market, I haven't seen them. They are normally in season as long as squash but I think that might be coming to an end.... Maybe keep looking? Try Culver City market!