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4th of july weekend.

I am just winding down from a great 4th of July weekend - a little bit of beach, a little bit of family,  a little bit of Sasha, a little bit of bbq, a little bit of patio lounging.  Having returned from a bike ride down the beach this afternoon, Karen and I decided to watch the fireworks from my dining room window instead of venturing out yet again.  Happy 4th!  

Grilled peach salad (recipe below)...
Sasha in the sunshine...
Lounging in Toms with puppy (cooling off in the shade under stool)...

grilled peach salad.
2 peaches
1 bag lettuce - arugula is my fave for this recipe, they were out so I used mixed greens
2-3 slices of prosciutto, roughly torn
1/3 cup feta
red wine vinaigrette

Heat charcoal grill.  Cut peaches in half and place cut side down on grill.  Cook for just a couple minutes until charred.  Remove and cool.  Cut in bite sized pieces.   

In a bowl, add lettuce, prosciutto, feta and vinaigrette.  Add cooled cut peaches and toss to combine. 

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