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Robert Heinecken.

There are two Robert Heinecken exhibitions opening in LA this weekend - an extreme rarity for this undervalued longtime LA artist.  Ok, this is also a shameless plug as my gallery happens to be one of them.  Marc Selwyn Fine Art opens the first of the two gallery exhibition, Object Matter, tomorrow night.   Last night, I was treated to a private opening at Cherry and Martin; their public opening is Saturday evening.  Upon seeing the works in the Cherry and Martin branch of the exhibition, it is surprising to see how different the shows are.  

Marc Selwyn Fine Art includes early works and media/television based imagery....
 While Cherry and Martin focuses on print media, including newspapers, ads, magazines and later work....
Marc Selwyn Fine Art: Friday 2/18, 6-8 pm
Cherry and Martin: Saturday 2/19, 6-8 pm

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