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silverlake wine.

One of my fave neighborhoods is Silverlake - so many great little shops, coffee spots, cafes, bars.  The best part about Silverlake is Silverlake Wine.  It is practically an institution in the world of wine!  My friends and I went to their famous Sunday pairing event, featuring Washington wines and catering by Heirloom LA.
In between bites of wild boar empanadas, chicken wrapped with bacon, tamales and fudge brownie with homemade banana ice cream for dessert, we sipped a white blend, 100% Marsanne (a surprise and usually paired with Roussane or Viognier) and a trio of red blends....
Whenever I am at Silverlake Wine, I always pick up a little Cake Monkey for dessert later....
Sunday tasting with culinary pairings at 3 pm, flight nights Mondays and Thursday 5-9 pm (bonus Let's Be Frank truck outside Thursdays!).  For more info: Silverlake Wine


  1. Oh good lord. Alisun, take me with you.

  2. we totally need to go sometime! let's do a thursday tasting soon :)

  3. I have been instructed by Judy Laing, founder of, to apprise you of her site and for you to contact her so that she may list you on her site! She said she recently wrote about Silverlake wine, too!

  4. This looks so good. We need to go again when I'm home :) P.S. my mom was at this tasting too! I gave her a gift certificate since I loved it so much when you took me

  5. what?! i didn't see your mom!! next time you are here (and have some time), we'll have to go!