Yes, my name really is spelled that way.


post-shopping cocktail hour.

After a long day of holiday shopping (although couldn't resist this fun little jacket for myself), I was still hours away from dinner but had skipped lunch.  Since it was officially cocktail hour, I made a few snacks to enjoy with a glass of wine while sifting through packages....

goat cheese stuffed peppadew peppers - a little sweet with a little kick with creamy goat cheese
marinated cocktail mushrooms - a fridge staple
homemade onion marmalade - another fridge staple (good on sandwiches/paninis too)
water crackers - all purpose and go with everything (best kept in the freezer to avoid going stale)

Suggested wine pairing: spicy syrah


  1. Yum,Yum in my tummy!!

  2. looks so good. I love the onion marmalade, I want to try to make it.

  3. jac - it is pretty easy actually. patience is required (which is why i make it with mom).