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holiday music downloads.

I was talking to J the other day about Christmas music and realized I am quite a scrooge.  I don't like about 98% of the Christmas music out there but I realized that it is mostly the garbage they play in the stores between Halloween and Christmas day that is the turnoff!  Whoever said people want to hear the same music over and over again?

So I was off to find some new items for my ipod that were non-scrooge (is that a word?).  We'll see if they can get me off my regular music playlists....  Luckily, I came across two free album downloads with more modern Christmas music.

Hey, It's Christmas, a mellow, indie collection with lilting melodies of traditional holiday songs.  Cue the fireplace, tea and cookies while you listen to this one.  Great for a playlist or during Christmas dinner.
To download the album, click HERE

Target put together a list, Christmas Gig, an eclectic indie mix-up of poppier tracks.  Perfect for a holiday cocktail party!  Majority of the tracks are not traditional holiday songs but they are a fun surprise.  My faves are the retro Best Coast/Wavves song and sweet Coconut Records selection (Jason Schwartzman's solo project).
 To download the album, click HERE

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