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jojoba oil.

The recent windy weather has had me tying my long hair back fairly often.  To combat wild and dry hair, my genius stylist, Carina, shared this trick a couple years ago using pure jojoba oil.  Most hair treatments will contain trace amounts of jojoba oil but they are also loaded with other chemicals. 

Overnight jojoba oil treatment
Coat dry hair with a quarter size amount of jojoba oil from roots to ends
Wrap hair in a loose bun or braid
Sleep with a towel over the pillow
Rinse and wash out as normal in the morning*
*My version is to attend a good yoga class that makes me sweat with the jojoba oil in my hair, rinsing and showering after class.  It is the sped up, shower-at-night version....

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  1. Jojoba oil is good for all types of hair especially hair that is dry or damaged, has split ends and is prone to breakage and tangling.