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CA beer to try (December edition)

I saved my favorite beer, Russian River Brewing Company's Damnation, for the end of the year.  J and I found this upon one of our first (of many) stops at Father's Office a few years ago.  We're both hooked.  I was thrilled when I found it at Whole Foods not too long after that.  They now have it in smaller bottles in addition to the 750 ml bottle size. Russian River Brewing Company is a standout in California breweries. 

Brewed in Santa Rosa, this is a strong Belgium style golden ale.  It possesses the spicy notes that I particularly love in a beer - earthy hops with a mellow warming effect.  A year round tripel style beer but even better in winter.... 



  1. Mark Thompson12/2/10, 8:39 AM

    I'm so going to look for this... Wonder if it's in town??

  2. No :( Looked at their website and they aren't in Nevada yet! Sorry! I'll get some next time I see you :)

  3. Good selection,it really does taste so good. They always seem to have it at Delancey on Sunset. It's a great pizza place.