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grapefruit overload.

My parents have a massive grapefruit tree.  It was supposed to be a dwarf but it is about 20 feet tall.  The tree produces tons of fruit each year.  Before all my friends get excited about grapefruit care packages, these are not the sweet pink ones.  They are the uber tart yellow kind: a tougher sell.  But they are delicious and unbelievably juicy, unlike the kind you get in the store. 

With the years of overproduction, we have had to come up with a few ways to eat all the grapefruit without getting too sick of it.  By the end of the California winter citrus, I am satiated but within a month, I miss the family cocktail (more to come on that!).  One of my favorites....

grapefruit brulee.
1 grapefruit, cut in half
1 tbsp sugar (don't skimp - maybe even bring out the good stuff like turbino)
Preheat the broiler until hot.  Sprinkle sugar on grapefruit and place on a piece of foil to slide underneath the broiler.  Broil until the tops are slightly charred, just a few minutes.
Best way to eat a grapefruit like this, is with a grapefruit spoon.  I got these a few years ago from Sur La Table and they are genius:

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  1. That looks so good! I miss the great citrus you'd bring back from your parent's house