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perfect iced coffee.

Seems like we have another LA heat wave - just when I thought it was finally fall!  Mornings last week were spent looking out at chilly mist with my hot tea are now spent watering my poor plants, iced coffee in hand.  I made iced coffee for my friend Ruthie recently and she said she had never made it herself.  How to achieve the perfect icy glass every time....

french press coffee from whole beans (I love Trader Joe's Bolivian Blend - fair trade and organic!)
cinnamon (about 1/2 tsp mixed into the coffee grounds)
milk or soy creamer
Italian syrup (not necessary but a drop of caramel is my fave)
ice cubes
 I make coffee in my french press, allow it to cool before pouring into this recycled glass container (a tight fitting lid is key)....
Add ice cubes to glass.  Pour milk or soy creamer to about 1/8 - 1/4 inch (to taste).  Add Italian syrup, if using.  Pour coffee & give the glass a little wiggle to combine. 
Stay cool, Angelenos! 

*yes, I totally spilled coffee on my ugly gold glitter counter while taking that shot.  But the creamer/coffee had this great marbleized effect...and the counter tops are hideous anyway....  


  1. I like the action shot...p.s I'm obsessed with the Jonathan Adler vase in the back! When did you get that?

  2. i just had a large ice coffee today! u have to on a hot LA day, right? staying cool and caffeinated....

    thanks for linking my site, I'm excited to take a look at your site tonight.

    thanks again, and all the best@
    david john


  3. @ jac - it is actually my cookie jar! got it years ago. love it :)

    @ david - thanks for looking! liked the review of our show, been enjoying your blog too.