Yes, my name really is spelled that way.


pumpkin trees.

I love fall!  Summer and fall are my favorite seasons.  Since fall is finally official, I'm getting in the mood.  I don't decorate for seasons/holidays much (who has the time or the space?) but I do change out a few things that make it, well, more seasonal.  Changing up candles and flowers are easy - and the best part about fall are the pumpkins! 

Mini pumpkin with my window succulents....

My favorite pumpkin trees are from Trader Joe's.  They are so cute and without water they will last at least a month or more! 

My mom had this great idea for a candleholder, using just a clear glass small vase, dried beans (2-3 different kinds/colors) and a single votive candle (in a jar).  She filled the vase with two layers, added the votive and then added the third layer.  The result....

Yes, those are persimmons in the photo!  They have arrived SUPER early.  Only one was ripe - the others were taken off the tree because the branches were going to break.  Oh well, more for me!  Happy weekend....


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  1. OMG!! So cute! You always come up with the most lovely/easy tricks!