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carter mull @ marc foxx gallery.

I stole away one afternoon to Marc Foxx Gallery since Lia told me they were opening a new Carter Mull show (we are gallery neighbors).  I was unprepared by what I found - gone was the concrete floor, instead an installation of silvery c-prints created a glassy surface.  It was incredible!  I stood at the edge, as if on the shore of a lake, unsure if they were meant to be stepped on.  Marc said I could dance on them.  Rodney and I did a few skates!  

The show is a must see - the c prints are glossy, metallic, expressive and full of texture.  I love how he manipulates the photographic process.  He is part photographer, part photojournalist (newspaper derived works dot the gallery), part mixed media artist.  My two favorites....
The exhibition runs through Nov. 24th.  More info:

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  1. i saw this show yesterday. what a stunner!