Yes, my name really is spelled that way.



My German family takes Oktoberfest seriously!  The first weekend of October is the best time to celebrate.  It reminds me of a kick off to the fall season.  I had two Oktoberfest nights on Saturday and Sunday - one I was co-hosting at Wurstkuche on Saturday night and a second for my brother's birthday on Sunday night in a traditional beer hall.  

The brats at Wurstkuche are biblical - the mustard and kraut toppings take it over the top.   Fries aren't customary but they are the BEST with their curry ketchup....

Sunday's biergarten trip with my family (all 4 of us!) got me excited for our trip to Munich and Bavaria next year.  Everything was authentic - Spaten Oktoberfest, brats, sauerkraut and potato salad.  

The inspiration led me to try some healthier versions at home on Monday night.  I found this recipe for potato salad - it came out pretty close to the real thing!  I substituted turkey bacon, added a bit of olive oil (to make up for the loss of bacon grease) and cut the recipe down to about 2 servings.  The leftover kept for lunch the next day but be sure to heat it up.  Only Americans like their potato salad cold.... 

Instead of a bratwurst (26 grams of fat!), I used a chicken sausage.  Whole Foods has surprisingly good organic sauerkraut and German-style mustard.  Washed down with plenty of Spaten Oktoberfest (addicting and only comes out at this time of year!), perfect way to start the week....


  1. Wish I could have been there for German Night! The potato salad looks so good. I don't like the american style at all (creamy mayo...not good) and yours looks so much tastier.

  2. wish you could have been there too! next year hopefully.

    ditto on the american style - this one is delicious. french style is good too. will send you my recipe!