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california craft beer.

I am loving the craft beer craze that is sweeping my home state!  There are great breweries from San Diego to San Francisco that are producing solid traditional varietals but also experimenting with unique flavors.  LA has the best beer bars between Father's Office (the ultimate), Surly Goat, Wurstkuche, Library Alehouse, Fifth Amendment...just to name a few.  

In honor of LA's upcoming beer week (today through the 17th) and the spirit of the California brewery,  I'll focus on a California notable beer per month.  

This month's beer....
 Lagunitas Oktoberfest
An Oktoberfest saison but with a major twist - spicier and slightly fruity but still with a classic malt finish.  Normally known for big hops in this varietal, Lagunitas takes a mellow approach.  Very drinkable and perfect with seasonal fall fare.  This can be hard to find but Whole Foods or BevMo generally carry a decent Lagunitas range.  


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