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weekend of art.

This weekend, the Resnick Pavilion opened privately at LACMA  (public opening is next weekend, Oct. 2nd).  I can't wait to see Renzo Piano's design.  Lots of art events have been happening in LA and the timing is perfect. 

The Warholian opening was at Royal/T Cafe on Thursday night in Culver City.  A mix of Warhols and Warhol inspired art curated by Eric Shiner, curator at the Andy Warhol Museum.  I got to go to the private opening so I avoided the major crowds at the public opening when I left at 8:30.  It looks like a well curated show but the opening was distracting (aren't they all?).  Generous pours of Dom Perignon for the VIP crowd and running into someone I knew every five steps kept me from viewing the art.   A glass perimeter stood in between the viewer and the art by about three feet for paintings/ drawings and in one case about 8-10 feet for a sculpture.  The glass was annoying but the show is worth a revisit....  Loved these champagne bottles!

 On Friday night, Eva Hesse's exhibition opened at the Hammer Museum.  Small but brilliant show focusing on rarely seen paintings created when the artist was just 24 years old.  Mark Manders' adjacent sculpture show works well with Hesse - both are a definite must-see!  Small crowd that night but I think it is because Hesse and Manders aren't mainstream outside the art world.  More information can be found at and both exhibitions run through Jan. 2nd.

Interestingly - we got a luminous Hesse work on paper on consignment at the gallery.  I think I am in love: 
On Saturday afternoon, the new outpost of L & M Arts opened in Venice.  Unfortunately, I was at the gallery but convinced M to go scout it out!  He came back with three comments: 1) it was what he called the "loser opening."  2)  the space is weird, made up of sharp angles and trapezoid shapes.  3)  interesting show.  In terms of the architecture, it sounds like quite a sharp contrast to their clean NYC space.  I am still curious, especially since their exhibition is a new body of work by LA artist Paul McCarthy.  McCarthy's work hasn't been shown in LA for a number of years.  M snapped a few pictures....

 I love the expressions on viewers when they see explicit or strong work!  Show runs through Nov. 6th.  More information:


  1. The Hesse piece you just got looks amazing.

  2. just sold too - just a few days later! i will miss it....