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This weekend was spent with lots of art, enjoying/avoiding the heat (more on that later) and lots of music!  On Sunday night, my friend Yvonne and I went to the Hollywood Bowl again, this time to see Beach House and Vampire Weekend.  Quite a contrast from the last show as it was blazing hot, even late at night.  Our picnic included cheese, crackers, paninis, naughty desserts and crisp white wine.... 

Beach House had a good showing - ever ethereal, lead singer Legrand gave the show a little more edge this time.  Maybe it was the larger venue, maybe it was the year since their last show that I saw.  Either way, it worked for them. 

Vampire Weekend was amazing!  Fun, summery music on an Indian summer kind of night.  They sound great live which can be tricky when you have that many things going on in each song.  At 90 degrees at 9 pm, Horchata was very fitting!  

Unfortunately, all Bowl pictures turned out lousy....  

Last night, my dad, J and I went to see the Black Keys.  It is the second show I have seen and they are worth every penny and deserve every rave review.  Arguably the best live band, they packed the Hollywood Palladium enough to add a second show (tonight).  True to their blues-rock roots, they played sets from their new album, Brothers but also Attack & Release, Rubber Factory.  This isn't a great pic, but Patrick Carney (drummer) is on the left....

Opening act Nicole Atkins is worth checking out - I didn't know her before last night but she channeled Janis Joplin with a killer Hendrix-esque guitarist. 
Before the show, we tried to hit up Golden State (closed) so we headed to 8 oz. on Melrose.  Fantastic burgers, small beer list (but decent - they did have Bootleggers on tap, from my hometown, Fullerton, CA ) and unbelievable truffled potato skins....

Beat the Heat Playlist 
(a briefing of all four concerts, this weekend and last):

Marina and the Diamonds: Mowgli's Road
Marina and the Diamonds: Shampain
Vampire Weekend: Horchata 
Vampire Weekend: A-Punk
Vampire Weekend: Diplomat's Son
Phoenix: Armistice
Phoenix: Fences
Grizzly Bear: Two Weeks
Grizzly Bear: Cheerleader
Black Keys: Tighten Up
Black Keys: Girl Is On My Mind
Black Keys: I'll Be Your Man
Beach House: Norway
Beach House: Zebra

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