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menu planner: chorizo & potatoes (day 1)

Since I'm cooking for myself and don't want to constantly toss out spoiled food, meal planning is key.  I usually get a couple key ingredients to fix a variety of things during the week.  Case in point for this week: a menu planned around chorizo and potatoes.  With the weather cooling down, it is exactly what I need!  This week's menu consisted of potato chorizo tacos, potato salad and spanish rice salad.  

Oh yeah, and I made sure to have enough chorizo to add to scrambled egg whites in the mornings! Delicious....

Note: I did use Trader Joe's soy chorizo which is a really great substitute with a lot less fat.  
chorizo potato tacos.
about 1/3 cup chorizo
about 1/3 cup cooked potatoes (quartered and boiled for about 15 minutes)
2 corn tortillas
toppings: scallions, diced avocado and tomato, salsa and feta (great substitute for queso fresca)
In a non-stick skillet, add chorizo and saute a few minutes.  Add potatoes and reduce heat to low, until flavors combine and everything is warmed through.  Meanwhile, in another non-stick skillet, spritz with cooking spray and add tortilla.  Brown on both sides and repeat with remaining tortilla.  Arrange tortillas on a plate and top with chorizo potato mixture.  Add toppings and enjoy with a side of black beans. 

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