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healthy frozen treat.

I got a new oven recently and it has been like a renaissance of kitchen appliances in my place!  I got a new citrus juicer (long overdue) and finally got an immersion blender.  The immersion blender has been a great addition and the easy clean up means I'm making a lot more smoothies.  Since it has been so warm in LA and the mornings are bright and sunny, I put this concoction together that uses both fresh and frozen, fruit and veggies....  It even prompted my usual (quiet) bank teller to look up from my deposits and ask where I bought it! 

And since I have a new oven (been without a properly working one for over a month!), I've even been baking!  Recipes to come....
avocado, banana, mango, spinach smoothie.
1/2 avocado
1/2 banana
handful of frozen mango
small handful frozen spinach
non-fat milk
Add ingredients to immersion blender beaker.  Blend until smooth. 

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  1. I'll be trying this! Trying to turn over a more healthy leaf, and this fits the bill nicely. Thanks, Alisun!