Yes, my name really is spelled that way.


white calm.

These last two weeks have been crazy getting back to work (major show opening and huge presentation) so to say I've been distracted and busy is an understatement.  No time to cook but hopefully that will change next week!  Two new things have cheered me up during the frenzy: my great grandmother's vintage 1960's cape and my new Martin Kersels artwork....  Both are white and I think they are trying to evoke a sense of calm.  Back next week!  

The Kersels is the bottle in the back (behind a Kristen Morgin and Lisa Sitko)....
 Perfect for fall....


  1. Sounds amazingly busy. Glad you have reminders to stay calm. Hope all goes well, and that you're happy with the results!

  2. Amazing cape, I love that is white too, I'm sure it will look so pretty on.