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bye bye parsley.

Recently, my parsley went to flower sooner than I expected.  It was a huge plant so when life gives you lemons, you make pesto!  I cut all the leaves off before pulling the plant out of the ground and planting my new baby parsley in its place.  Since there was so much parsley, I saved a bunch for cooking and the rest was turned into a parsley pepita pesto.  Perfect for the veggie enchiladas I was planning on making later in the week in addition to pasta salads and paninis....
parsley pepita pesto.
(try saying that 4 times fast!)
1 large bunch parsley, rinsed, dried and stalks removed
1 garlic clove
2 tbsp pepitas
2 tbsp cup freshly grated parmigiano cheese
salt and pepper to taste
About 2 tbsp olive oil
In a food processor, add garlic and pepitas, pulse a few times.  Add parsley in batches and pulse.  Add cheese and salt and pepper, pulsing again.  With the machine running, slowly stream in olive oil.  Transfer to an airtight container (keeps about a week) or freeze in ice cube trays (keeps a couple weeks). 

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