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radishes: day 2.

Yesterday, I posted this about my $1 bunch of radishes.  They keep forever in the fridge so I was able to get three dishes out of them in the course of a week! 

I was flipping through my fave New York Times food column, The Minimalist, and an idea on his 101 summer salads caught my eye.  I had leftover rice and a couple veggies left in my drawer but not much since it was almost farmer's market time and the supply was starting to dwindle!  Perfect opportunity for creative leftovers!  Cue an easy lunch using up what was left and some leftovers, alongside a simple green salad with smoked salmon and miso dressing.  
leftover rice asian salad.
1 cup cooked leftover rice
2 radishes, sliced with a mandoline
handful edamame, shelled
2 scallions, minced
soy/ginger/lemon vinaigrette (recipe follows)
Add rice and veggies to an airtight container.  Dress with vinaigrette and stir.  Best at room temp! 
soy/ginger/lemon vinaigrette.
drizzle soy sauce
juice of 1/2 lemon
fresh ginger - a couple swipes on a zester
a couple drops of fish sauce
a couple shakes of sesame seeds
drizzle grapeseed oil

Put all ingredients (except oil) in a bowl.  Slowly stream in oil, whisking to emulsify.  

(Sigh - there WERE pictures of the dressing and they turned out great.  My camera decided to die right after I took them and I think sand + hike is the culprit....)

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  1. I love easy leftover recipes like this. They're perfect for lunch. Definitely want to try your dressing. I never take the time to mix one because I'm not a fan of vinegar-y flavors, but this one sounds really good :)