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tripel opens in playa del rey.

The newest in LA's beer bar brood, Tripel, opened recently in Playa Del Rey.  I was excited to try it because a) it is close, b) owners are Beechwood co-founders and c) the menu is farmer's market fresh with an impressive beer list.  I joined my friend, Damion, to test it out on Monday night.  Small but lively, the restaurant consists of a single bar and a few communal tables. 
I had the lamb burger (amazing), Damion and I shared the sweet potato tater tots (yum) and I started with beer from their something-for-everyone list (Victory Golden Monkey tripel).  Per the bartender, Ryan's suggestion, I swapped beer for his choice of red wine (an Austrian blend) with the lamb burger.  
 For those who are not beer drinkers, there is a decent wine list and a selection of inventive beer cocktails.

Tripel - 333 Culver Blvd., Playa Del Rey


  1. This looks so good. I love little places like that. Perhaps this could be a Father's Office type place a little closer to you?

  2. looks cool!

    xoxo from rome