Yes, my name really is spelled that way.


birthday weekend.

This weekend was my birthday and I have been celebrating with different friends for a few days - Viceroy Santa Monica on Friday and downtown for MOCA opening (and a few nearby bars) on Saturday.  Friday, J surprised me with a big bouquet of stargazer lilies on my desk...
Saturday morning my brother and sister in law surprised me at the gallery with a fantastic chocolate bread pudding and the all-too-fitting mini candle...
Angela gave me these fantastic mugs, by Peter Shire of Echo Park Pottery ( 
Sunday hike with my parents yielded a perfect time for spring wildflowers, a lazy picnic by a Japanese garden and incredible food (torta, eggplant crostini and red velvet cupcakes - all from scratch) with sunlit glasses of limoncello with sparkling water...

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  1. Looks incredible, so glad you had a wonderful birthday weekend!