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a purist's guacamole.

Recently, my friend, Angela (A Los Angeles Aesthetic) hosted a dinner party with a very modern Mexican menu (kale quesadillas=yum!).  I insisted on bringing a few munchies to go with her pico de gallo and chips appetizer.  Since the best Mexican is usually the simplest, I stuck to dishes with minimalist ingredients and big flavor.  A recent farmer's market trip yielded some amazing winter avocados so I decided to make my mom and dad's guacamole.  This isn't the type of guac with a lot of ingredients; rather, it is a stripped down version to show off the perfect California fruit!  
purist's guacamole.
ripe avocados
salt and pepper
lime juice

Peel and deseed avocados.  Roughly chop.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper and add lime juice (see note below).
Ratio: About 3 avocados to each juicy lime.  If the lime isn't juicy, I would suggest 4-5 avocados to 2 limes.  Add juice a little at a time to test it out....

Note: I have 5 avocados pictured but 2 had gone bad so I only used the one lime.  I had the lemon standing by in case of emergency!  

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