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food truck day.

The other day, I ventured down the street for lunch to food truck Mecca - a true LA experience.  All the trucks are lined up across Los Angeles County Museum of Art and it is (cheap) foodie heaven.  Of course, going there during lunch means running into LACMA curators, local gallery people and artists among the crowds!  One of the best ways to find out where the trucks are has to be - it is a comprehensive list of all Twitter pages (for lazy, non-Twitter people like me).
After perusing the trucks, Mimi, Janice and I settled on Phamish - Vietnamese home cooking.  The banh mi was delicious! Too difficult to eat on the sidewalk, we came back to the gallery and made a mess of M's desk with spicy sauce. 
Interestingly, we waited for our order near part of the Berlin Wall installed right on Wilshire if only the bratwurst truck would return....

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