Yes, my name really is spelled that way.


the kills: single released.

One of my favorite bands, The Kills, is coming out with a new album on April 5th in the US.  I couldn't be more excited - my iPod has been getting a little tired.  The album, Blood Pressures, will mark their fourth album and first in 4 years as Midnight Boom came out in 2007.  They are an amazing band live and will probably start touring again soon.
 Only one song has been released but leaves me wanting more!  

Funny, I have a picture of me wearing similar glasses but I don't look as cool as Alison Mosshart (yes, I have a total girl crush on her).  Looks like I was channeling her though in this pic from Father's Office last year....


  1. Who are you kidding? You look WAY cooler than AlisOn.

  2. haha - thanks, ange! :)