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black bean soup take 2.

Yesterday, I posted (this) about a black bean soup recipe.  Since I had some leftovers (on purpose), I mixed it up with a shrimp quesadilla to go with the soup.  But I didn't want something dripping with too much gooey cheese - haven't exactly touched the yoga mat in a week plus because I have been so sick.  This quesadilla is lighter and healthier!  The viral plague is not entirely gone, but I am one step closer....
lighter shrimp quesadilla. 
2 corn tortillas
thin spread of light sour cream (helps it stick without too much cheese)
chunky salsa (I used Trader Joe's corn salsa but since it is bland, I mix in a bit of the hotter stuff)
goat cheese
fresh cooked shrimp
olive oil cooking spray

Heat a non-stick small skillet over medium heat, spritzed with olive oil.  Spread one corn tortilla with sour cream, salsa and then add shrimp and cheese.  Add to skillet (carefully) and top with second corn tortilla.  Cook through (I find it works to weight it all down a little) and gently flip to cook the other side.  
Turn off heat and cool slightly before handling.  Slide onto a cutting board and allow to cool for an additional few minutes (this will ensure the quesadilla doesn't fall apart when cutting).  Enjoy with black bean soup!

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  1. MMM, those quesadillas look so good. I love any kind of seafood in Mexican food like that.