Yes, my name really is spelled that way.


early spring weekend.

This weekend did not disappoint - gorgeous sunshine in the middle of January (again)!  The enviable weather (sorry, east coast) was spent on the patio at the Santa Monica Museum opening, at yoga, running errands with the windows rolled down and hair twisted up.  On Monday, my dad came over for a gardening and beer garden day....
...Double yellow - sunflowers in a yellow vase...
...fresh juice + iPad + list making... faced California BLT (see below)...
...perfect end - watering my plants with a beer....

California BLT.
1 piece sourdough bread (I used whole wheat)
thin layer of mayo
2 slices tomato
1 slice of turkey bacon, cooked
2 slices avocado
1 small bunch microgreens (my obsession with these continues)

Layer, enjoy. 

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