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bedroom updates: phase 1.

I'm not much into spring cleaning, I am more of a first-of-the-year cleaner.  During my holiday, I cleaned out countless cupboards, closets and drawers as if they have never been cleaned out.  My bedroom needed a little updating as well.  

Phase #1 was my unfortunate bedroom dresser (completed last year).  The dresser was a holdover from my ex's college days, ugly pine wood from Ikea.  Don't get me wrong, Ikea has some gems, but this isn't one of them.  Add some matte medium and pages from my antique book collection plus some Anthropologie knobs and it is transformed.... 

Unfortunately, no before picture exists but I found a similar one online that is a dead ringer (minus the top drawer configuration).  Imagine this as the before:
Dresser Redux DIY.
matte medium - can be purchased at art or craft supply stores
paper or plastic disposable plates
pages torn from an antique book*
paint brush
spray paint (for the top and sides)
clear craft protectant spray
decorative knobs (I love Anthropologie's selection here)

*other types of paper would also look great: Asian newspaper, wrapping paper, old maps, etc. 

Step 1 (paint)
Sand and prepare the surface.  Wipe clean.  Spray paint and allow to dry completely (I needed 3 thin coats, allowing to dry about 1/2 hour in between).  

Step 2 (paper)
Pour matte medium in a paper/plastic disposable plate.  Completely submerge paper in the matte medium, using a brush to coat on both sides.  Lift paper and allow excess matte medium to drip onto the plate.  Affix the paper to the wood, pressing down to banish any air bubbles.  Repeat until desired area is covered.  Allow to dry completely (it takes about a day).  
Step 3 (finish)
Once dry, spray clear craft protectant (at least 2 coats), allowing to dry between each coat (about 1/2 hour).  About an hour or two after the final coat, it should be safe to add the knobs. 

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