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cooking with less chemicals.

I'm slightly addicted to books like Food, Inc., The Omnivore's Dilemma, Fast Food Nation - basically things that shock the general public about their food supply.  Cooking seems like it is generally safe but over the last couple years, I've changed two major things in my kitchen that significantly lessen my chemical intake....

#1 - Pans
Non-stick seems like a dream but Tephlon is a known carcinogen.  Why pans are still allowed to contain it is beyond me - the peeling pans due to wear results in ingested chemicals.  Switching to stainless steel for most cooking is one option, another is to use cast iron.  The newest option is Tephlon-free non-stick which works the same as Tephlon but with a ceramic coating instead.  

Scanpan is fantastic (a little pricey, but can be found online here), as is Cuisinart's new Green Gourmet line (less expensive, and can be found online here).  This is definitely the pricier of the options - especially if your pans need an overhaul!
#2 - Oil cooking spray
Cooking sprays are a necessity but all of the store bought versions contain silicone!  I got an oil mister that works the same with a few pumps.  Using air (and biceps) instead of silicone results in the same fine mist spray for cooking.  Best with olive oil, but other oils could be used as well.  Misto's version can be found online here.

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