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art roundup.

This week, I have seen four shows at two venues: My Barbarian & Julian Hoeber at Hammer Museum and Dan Graham & Doug Aitken at Regen Projects - all should not be missed!

Hammer Museum still has the phenomenal Eva Hesse and Mark Manders exhibitions still up but it is their Hammer Projects that debuted My Barbarian and Julian Hoeber.  My Barbarian is a Los Angeles collaboration debuting their new work (in their first museum show), The Night Episode.   The result is a sci-fi mixed with droll humor - my favorite was the verbal spar with the Blind Curator.  
Continuing a playful theme, Julian Hoeber's installation work (a bit of a surprise at the back of the museum, normally near the permanent collection) is great fun.  Playing with the idea of mystery spots, the artist constructed a room that plays with the viewers perception of gravity.  It could be deemed sculpture, installation or even performance art....
Regen Projects' Dan Graham exhibition continues (I finally got to see it) but they also unveiled their newest Doug Aitken work: The House.  What an accomplishment - the gallery has been transformed in a study of space, time and destruction.  Go. See.
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