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weekend of music.

This weekend, I went to two concerts - Friday it was Marina and the Diamonds at the El Rey and Saturday it was Grizzly Bear with Phoenix at the Hollywood Bowl. I love both venues - they have that classic old Hollywood feel! 

Marina was beyond fierce.  She sounded incredible and with such an intimate venue as the El Rey, she really shined as a performer. She is a breath of fresh air to the indie pop world - the exact opposite of someone like Katy Perry.  Talented, appeared fully clothed and exuded real confidence with modern feminism. 

Grizzly Bear and Phoenix were amazing at the Hollywood Bowl.  My friend Yvonne and I picnicked and shivered under the stars!

I saw Grizzly Bear last fall at a small venue, so while that show was better overall, it was great to see an indie band play at the Bowl.  A talented group of four true musicians (each play a number of instruments), they sounded fantastic: dreamy, ethereal but complex.  My complaint was subbing in Leslie Fiest to harmonize - last show it was Victoria LeGrand (Beach House) who is also on the actual album.  Fiest's voice didn't float or blend as well as LeGrand's.  This pic isn't from the Bowl, but from their 2009 show....

Phoenix (with Dan Flavin-esque light installations) are brilliant live performers: sleek and slick as their album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.  They were perfect and had energy until the very end.  Lead singer Mars went into the audience twice to sing among the crowd - literally standing with a long mic chord on one of the benches!  Passionate band who are definitely here to stay.  

Note:  As soon as I figure out how to post mp3 songs on the blog, I will put some up.  If anyone wants some of my favorite songs (Mowgli's Road, Girls, Seventeen by Marina; Deep Blue Sea, Knife, Cheerleader, While You Wait for Others by Grizzly Bear), let me know! 


  1. ah! I really want to see Marina and the Diamonds. I love female bands like that, it's great that they're getting such a dedicated following.

    ...and anything at the hollywood bowl is pretty amazing :)

  2. totally see marina if you can - i love her! xo did i give you some songs? can't remember....