Yes, my name really is spelled that way.


basement mexican.

This really isn't a dedicated recipe post.  It is more of an idea post.  A way to shake up your Wednesday lunch post.  I have proof this is an actual lunch I brought to work - note the keyboard in the photos!  The other day, I posted this about yummy vegetarian tacos.  What to do with leftovers?  My favorite way is something that has me counting down lunch time and it is an excuse to bring stuff to make nachos at the gallery.  Yes, nachos at work.  

I wouldn't call it Mexican, more basement Mexican.  Or since we don't have basements in southern California, carport Mexican.  
basement mexican lunch.
leftover rice
leftover black beans
leftover sauteed ground tofu (with peppers and onions)
chopped avocado

Pile into an airtight container.  Heat until warmed through and cheese is melted.  Bonus to use pepper jack cheese.  Enjoy and I eat it with a spoon. 
lunchbox nachos. 
shredded pepper jack cheese stored in an airtight container
baked blue corn tortilla chips

Arrange chips, top with cheese and nuke.  Coworkers will hover. 

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