Yes, my name really is spelled that way.



First entry of the blog.  I am not sure if anyone (outside my mother) will read this, but I thought it would be fun regardless.  

What I have been working on all week:

Mimi Lauter opened at Marc Sewlyn Fine Art this week.  Fall art season has begun!  I went to more openings this weekend but could only scratch the surface of the opening weekend.  Other great shows not to miss:

Carlee Fernandez/Sasha Pierce
I love my Acme friends!  Amazing, haunting taxidermy.  Missoni-esque patterns out of oil paint.  While I was there, a woman approached one of the guys about cruelty to animals.  I hid in the back room with my fox tail purse accessory!

Lari Pittman
Regen Projects
Best installation I have seen in a long time by one of the best LA artists.  Go see the original location (633 N. Almont) for the salon style retrospective.  Saturday's opening was the who's who of the art world. 

Now that the first week of the fall season is over, I have a chance to breathe.  Unmentionables are washed, kitchen is clean, thirsty plants are watered, caught up on sleep.  

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  1. Kristie Cary FIngerhut10/10/10, 8:18 AM

    Well, you were wrong! An old friend thought about you, googled you and found your blog to read along (likely with your mom!) ;-)

    Glad to hear that you are doing well and living such a grown-up sounding life in LA! I may have to try a few recipes (if I can convince my husband and kids to try them!). They look delicious!

    If you accept my friend request on FB, we can catch up! I have been in IL for just over 10 years now. Time flies!