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argan oil love.

I am addicted to argan oil.  I use it on my face, hands, cuticles and hair - it is all natural and supports the woman's cooperatives in rural Morocco.  Anyone who uses the super pricey Moroccanoil (not 100% pure as it contains other ingredients) should look into the real thing!  I was introduced to Josie Maran's organic line at Sephora and love it.  

The stick moisturizer is great - perfect for travel too as it has so many uses. I use it on my lips in place of lip balm, cuticles, eyes in place of eye balm and the pesky wrinkles that are starting to appear!

For a fraction of the price, I found this little bottle at Whole Foods.  It is slightly different than the Josie Maran as it is not deodorized and has a slight nutty smell, but it dissipates within minutes.  

High vs. Low:  
$15 for 1 oz for Simplers  
- vs. -  
$15 for 1/2 oz OR $48 for 1.7 oz for Josie Maran.  

Thank you, Whole Foods!

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  1. I love the stick version, I'll have to try that